Brutforce 20 Liter Metal Jerry Can with Spout for Generators, Jeeps and Other Vehicles

  • 20 Liter, Leakproof, Military Tested For Safety Jerry Can lined To Prevent Rusting With A Petrol, Oil, Water Or Alcohol-Resistant Coating
  • Reliable performance
  • Suitable For Storing Petrol. Also suitable for Storing And Transportation Of Diesel, Paraffin And Motor Oil.



20 Liter Metal Jerry Can with Spout – Leakproof, Rust Proof, Highly Durable Jerry Cans

These cans are built to last with a high-grade body and recessed neat welded seal seam which makes them perfect for the rugged off-road. Their corrosion safe liner makes them the perfect emergency backup can. Best Online Price of 20 Liter Metal Jerry Can.

With over thousands of Jerry cans sold, this is the most popular can around. It works great for off-roading, boating, or as an emergency backup can. You can have peace of mind knowing that you are buying this Jerry can.

Safety Pin Included in 20 Liter Metal Jerry Can with Spout

Sturdy Handles for easy carrying

This jerry can has a capacity of 20 Liters with a compact size.
The Sturdy handle makes it easy to carry anywhere without much hassle.
The can has a compact 14 x 6 x 18-inch size.



Available with Pouring Spouts – 20 Liter Metal Jerry Can with Spout

1. Each can has a unique air breather that allows you to empty your can in record time.
2. The opening also fits perfectly with the spouts(available separately), so you won’t spill everywhere.




20 liter metal jerry can with spout

Additional information

Weight4 kg

Black, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow


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