Heavy Duty 5 Ton 5 Meter Brutforce Tow Rope/Webbing Sling with Pair of D-shackle

  • 100% High Tenacity Polyester.
  • Made of Double thickness of Webbing.
  • Flat & Wide Load Bearing surface.
  • Maximum working temperature 90°c.


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A duplex webbing sling is made with two synthetic fabric layers stitched together for extra reinforcement.

Duplex Slings are manufactured from double layers of webbing.  All of our polyester webbing sling products conform to EN standards and are delivered complete with certificates of conformity. Duplex Webbing Slings are lightweight and are less likely to scratch or damage the load being lifted. They resist mildew and bacterial growth and have excellent elongation properties in comparison to their nylon counterparts.


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