Jeep / Bolero Camper Lamda Free Wheel Hub – 1 Pair (10 Spline)


  • Increase in mileage
  • Better Pick-up
  • Steering becomes free
  • Less load on engine
  • Less wear and tear on front differential
  • Less tire wear


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Enjoy all the benefits of a 4 wheel drive with the economy of a Lamda Free Wheel Hubs mode can be achieved with the install of these free wheel hubs. Most of the time your 4 wheel drive vehicle will be running on a 2 wheel drive mode with the front wheels locked thus increasing fuel consumption. These free wheel hubs can be engaged between the 2 positions easily by hand without any tools. When in free position, the hub disconnects the wheel from front axle shaft, differential gear and propeller shaft and movement of front wheels becomes free giving the following.


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