Brunton F-9077 Lensatic Military-Style Compass

  • Millimeter scales and long straight edge for accurate and effective map work.
  • Magnified readout provides the highest degree of accuracy without compromising readability.
  • Map magnifier helps with the smaller details on any map.
  • Metal body folds closed to protect the compass.
  • 2˚ MILS resolution azimuth ring provides precise readings.


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The 9077 is a classic military-style sighting compass (also known as a lensatic). This compass is perfect for those who want a bomber mirrored sighting compass.

The heavy-duty metal body with a long straight edge ensures easy and accurate map work. The hinged points then allow the body to be folded down to a small 3 x 2.2” unit that can slide into a pocket.

The liquid dampened vial has luminous points of reference while magnification on the vial allows for an easy read of the 2˚ resolution.


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