OtterBox Venture Cooler 65 Quart – Hudson

  • Made in USA
  • Inside capacity exactly matches size name (25 quarts = 25 quarts, etc)
  • Mounting system to attach accessories
  • Tough latches drop down out of the way
  • Included accessories: Bottle Opener
  • Anti-slide rubber feet
  • Durable integrated handles
  • Slanted interior bottom for easy draining
  • Nesting grooves: cutting board and storage tray rest on inner rim even when fully loaded
  • Keeps ice up to 14 days
  • Certified bear-resistant by Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC) (when secured with locking Kit)


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Rugged Venture Coolers
From a day-trip hike to a weekend trek to a week-long+ disappearance into the woods, Venture gives you a right-size cooler for every adventure.

Modular System Customizes Your Venture
Just like you have to adapt to the surroundings and weather conditions, Venture adapts to your needs. Camping. Soccer tournament. Steelhead fishing. Hunting. Boating. Venture’s modular system configures for the demands of all your endeavors. With an ever-growing collection of accessories, you design the insideand outside of Venture with all the right tools and conveniences.

Venture’s built sturdy to pack along in your truck, boat and four-wheeler. The rugged structure keeps your contents safe and its rubber feet keep it in the exact spot you put it.

Attach accessories to the exterior mounting points and integrated rails to configure your Venture for the task at hand. A bottle opener, a drybox, a doublecup holder, side table and more slide on and off easily.

Set up the vast interior of your Venture how you like. Keep dry and soft items separate. And, create compartments that keep your meat, veggies and beverages apart.

True Capacity Coolers
Venture Coolers are made to true size. Each is exactly the number of quarts it claims. And that makes a difference when you’re packing up for getting away. Here are a few exampl e s of how to load up each Venture so you can pick your right size.


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