Brutforce (Pack of 2 Unit) Hand-Crafted Steel Enamel Mug for Army, Military, Corporate, Offices and Gifting

Available in 4 attractive Colors. Choose your favorite Color. Rolled rim for comfortable anti-spill pouring & sipping


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Individually Hand Crafted

Each and every mug is crafted individually by hand, and not by machines. Every mug has a proud character that comes from minor variations and imperfections that comes from the hands of the craftsmen.

Ideal For Camping & Heavy-duty usage

The mug is designed specifically for outdoor use. The metal design ensures that it does not get broken by rough outdoor use. What it lacks in aesthetic beauty, it more than makes up in it’s toughness.

Beautiful elegant matt black finish

Stainless Steel With Enamel Finish

Rugged construction that weathers the tough camping environment. Don’t be afraid of knocks and falls, use your mug with careless abandon. But be careful of the hot mug handles (the composite metal body helps heat conduction and can heat up the handles quickly).

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Black, Blue, Red, White




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